Improving Residents’ Knowledge and Attitudes

Rising health care costs have created an urgent need to improve physicians’ education regarding cost and value in health care. The Accreditation Council of Graduate Medical Education core competency of systems-based practice encompasses cost awareness and risk-benefit analysis, but there recently has been a call to expand this competency to create a new, 7th core competency of high-value, cost-conscious care. Although many would agree that educating learners in the concepts of high-value, cost-conscious care is important, there does not appear to be any consensus on the best way to provide this education. The American College of Physicians and the Alliance for Academic Internal Medicine have deemed it to be such an important topic in graduate medical education that they have developed and provided a free curriculum on high-value, costconscious care.

Jason Post, MD, Darcy Reed, MD, MPH, Andrew J. Halvorsen, MS,b Jeanne Huddleston, MD, MS, Furman McDonald, MD, MPH

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