The following is an excerpt from Less Medicine, More Health by H. Gilbert Welch. Bron:

We Americans consume a lot of medical care. By some metrics, we are the most medicalized society in the world. To be sure, there is an increasing amount of competition on this front as more and more of the developed world gives us a run for our money.

You might think that the biggest problem in medical care is that it costs too much. Or that health insurance is too expensive, too uneven, too complicated—and gives you too many forms to fill out. But the central problem is that too much medical care has too little value.

That’s right, there can be too much medical care. Obviously this is not a problem for everyone, and it certainly isn’t meant to deny that some people get too little medical care. But there has been a growing recognition that the conventional concern about “too little” needs to be balanced with a concern about “too much.”