The Choosing Wisely campaign – aimed at improving conversations between patients and clinicians – is the cultural change that is desperately needed on both sides of the consultation desk. The ambition seems so simple and obvious that to state its importance feels almost banal. But trying to put it into practice is not so simple.

In 2016 when I made a program called “The Doctor Who Gave Up Drugs” for the BBC. The premise was simple: I would run a clinic in a general practice which aimed to take patients off unnecessary medication and I would treat them with evidence based alternatives. In other words I would put into action the principals of Choosing Wisely and the patients would, in turn, cast away their drugs and rise like Lazarus to new lives of wellness and joy.

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Choosing Wisely UK
10 april 2017
Auteur: dr. Chris van Tulleken

Trailer 'The doctor who gave up drugs'

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